Code of Conduct for Employees in Germany In this seminar, the basic principles applicable for the code of conduct for employees in Germany are outlined. Another main focus of the seminar, which typically is an in-house seminar, deals with the adjustment of international rules and regulations to the German legal environment. Typical Content of a […]

Germany at Work This seminar is targeted at non-German speakers or German HR employees in international companies dealing with Germany employment law on a daily basis with a basic knowledge of the German system. An introduction into German employment law is the main focus with highlights on recent developments both in legislation and recent court […]

Employment Law in Germany and China In this seminar (half day or full day), the labour and employment law systems of both Germany and China are compared and an overview is given. Usually the focus is on Chinese employment law, but the content can be adjusted according to the needs of the participants. Important terms […]

International Labor Law In this seminar (3-4 hours), an overview is given on the labour and employment law environment in Europe and in Germany. The seminar is targeted towards a foreign (non-European) audience, which does not have any particular insight into Western European employment law systems. Employment law in the era of globalization International labor […]