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We advise and represent employers in labour and employment law – employers only. And yet we are more than employment-lawyers: we are strategic advisors, sparring partners and facilitators for HR solutions.

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Employers demand a lot from their lawyers, since labour and employment law is about more than just being right.

It is about corporate goals and decisions beyond the individual case – dealing with works councils and trade unions, day-to-day business and solving specific conflict situations. And it is about the best design of the companies’ own HR work: to avoid conflicts as far as possible and to make HR work efficient and sustainable in all facets.

That is why we are not just “classic” legal advisors and legal representatives for employers. As consultants and sparring partners, we support companies in HR projects – selectively or permanently, from the initial idea to its implementation.

Our benefit for you? Lean structures that are easy on your budget and give us the freedom to react flexibly to your needs.

Current topics

What really concerns you as an employer are personnel strategy issues and fundamental trends that also have an impact on labour law. In this context, requirements sometimes change quickly, because the modern world of work is constantly changing.

To keep you up to date in terms of employment and labour law, we always keep an eye on which topics (may) become relevant for you in the longer term. Thus you can be sure to be prepared for the future of work.

Far beyond (daily) current requirements we are your point of contact for all current labour and employment law issues, whether already on your desk or in the near future.

Manage mobile working

Working independently of the fixed workplace. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, this has been a hot topic in terms of labour law. The sticking point is usually the strategy: What do you want? What is possible under labour law in terms of working hours, accident protection, etc.? Questions upon questions. We help you to strategically find the right strategy for your company on the topics of mobile working and home office, finding appropriate arrangements for and with your employees.

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Shaping working hour schemes

The topic of working hours is a balancing act between legal requirements and the demand for flexibility. And this balancing act certainly holds a potential for compliance issues. That is why we clarify, among other things, which legal requirements are relevant for you and/or design concepts that harmonize time recording systems and working time models in a way that they are legally compliant and meet your practical needs.

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Introducing and using IT systems

Today digitization plays an important role for almost all companies. However, labour law is often a deal breaker, because digitization almost always affects employees and thus labour law issues ( e.g. in the area of data protection or co-determination). To ensure that labour law does not repeatedly become a stumbling block to digitization in your company, we reconcile all interests for you – defining a strategy on employee data protection and drafting and negotiating works agreements, for example.

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Setting up whistleblowing systems

Many companies will have to set up a whistleblowing system in the coming months or years on the basis of the EU Whistleblowing Directive - a topic with real compliance relevance. We clarify whether you are subject to this regulation, how you can effectively comply with it and provide support during its implementation. Thus we ensure that your whistleblowing system as well as the responsible persons in your company are kept up to date.

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Our work

We know the challenges you face in your day-to-day HR work - from dealing with employees in individual employment law, to collective law issues, to fundamental strategic questions, e.g. with regard to digitalization and globalization.

We support you to master these challenges. We find solutions that avoid conflicts as far as possible or resolve them quickly and favourably – regardless of the size of the problem at hand.

Above all, we support you in making your human resources management fit in legal, technical and organizational terms. So that you are prepared for all challenges that lay ahead in HR. We proceed systematically and accompany you through the entire process:


For companies, it is very important to know the legal environment and understand what requirements and limits exist. For example, anyone thinking about a new working time model needs to know what is permissible and what is not. Therefore, the knowledge of their HR employees and managers in labour and employment law should be solid and up to date. We share this knowledge with you in a practical and up-to-date manner - on site or digitally.

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Shape? create or design?

Labour law is characterized by restrictions for employers, yet there is always room for design. We help you to use existing leeway’s. Often, decisions outside HR have consequences under employment law, e.g. in connection with restructuring or the introduction of digital processes. In these cases we are your independent advisors, with a strategic perspective , legal creativity and economic competence.

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Having an idea or a plan of how you want or need to organize your company's work in the future is a perfect starting point. But we do not leave you alone when it comes to implementation. For example, we can help you negotiate company agreements (whether in the background or as your representative), introduce new guidelines or carry out unavoidable personnel adjustments always acting as your trusted partner.

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In most cases, disputes in employment or labour law have no added value for you. We therefore support you in taking the right measures at an early stage in order to avoid conflicts and to settle unavoidable disputes swiftly and in accordance with your interests. If this does not succeed, we will not shy away from a contentious dispute and will represent your interests with tact or force, just as the situation requires.

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