Against the background of the recent economical developments we have published a new practical guide to redundancy and work force restructuring in Germany. You will learn which essential requirements of labour and employment law need to be taken into account when planning a restructuring project including the work force. Download our guide here.  

Das IPBA Journal veröffentlicht in seiner neuesten Ausgabe einen Artikel von EMPLAYWERS-Partner Roland Falder über die Anforderungen an ein modernes Compliance-System in deutschen Unternehmen und die Risiken der Non-Compliance. Den vollständigen Artikel lesen Sie hier.

Employees joining the services of a competitor after having terminated their contract are a fear for many companies. The loss of knowledge ,contacts and ultimately business often is real. Thus it is understandable that employers want to protect themselves. German employment law however contains a number of pitfalls employers should avoid when agreeing a post […]

Relations between employers and employees in Germany are extensively regulated under German labor and employment law. German labor and employment law is strongly biased in favour of employees. For non-German employers it is essential to know some of the specifics of the German labor and employment law when employing staff in Germany. Set out below are some […]

OUR OFFER We offer German employment law advice and all necessary documentation tailor-made to your client’s needs. At reliable and fixed fees. On time. In case your client intents to establish a subsidiary in Germany or wants to hire a first employee. Or he needs to appoint a new Managing Director, wants to hire a […]