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Icon Global - symbolic for international employment law


Wheter business trip, assembly work or long-term deployment abroad: every situation requires a diffrent contract design.

No law firm is as inter­national as its clients

Due to our long experience in international law firms, we understand and value the cooperation with foreign colleagues. But, we also know the limitations. Both in networks and in international firms, lawyers are obliged to use the provided networks or offices, regardless of qualification and experience, at international rates.

With us you have a choice. We offer alternatives. We know excellent and affordable employment lawyers in all important economic markets. In every case involving foreign markets, we provide you with at least two recommendations. If you prefer, we can put you in contact, and also offer to coordinate foreign law firms for you. And we promise: you won’t have to pay the fees twice.


Employees are mobile – secondments made easy

Secondments tend to be highly complicated. Many issues need to be addressed such as: employment law, social security, tax and immigration law. From the US to China – we assist your HR department in handling secondments. In trusted cooperation with foreign experts, we find solutions that fulfill your needs and requirements. No matter how long the foreign assignment, each situation requires its own solution. Arising problems also need to be addressed. This not only applies to secondments from Germany, but also to incoming foreign employees.


Globalisation knows no borders

Companies are often part of an international group. Foreign shareholders or subsidiaries abroad create new issues. The desire to use uniform contracts, handbooks, rules and regulations must take into account mandatory national laws. Our experience in these matters and our established cooperation with foreign experts allows us to find suitable and pragmatic solutions across the board.