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Icon handshake - symbolic for negotiations


You don't get what you deserve, but what you negotiate.

Intelligent solutions are often the result of negotiations, not of court decisions.

Court proceedings consume time, money, and energy. Your time, money, and energy. Statistically, most employment disputes end in a settlement. So, it is great to know how to manage a dispute in a way that avoids unnecessary escalation. Even once a hearing has been scheduled, there is usually still enough time to arrange a settlement. This does not mean settling at any cost. But also, we will not fight in court just for the sake of being right.


Lawyers do litigate. We do too.
But only if, and as long as, it serves your interests.

We will of course litigate on your behalf when there is no other option. Our experience ranges from court representation in labour and civil courts of all instances, to collective bargaining and reconciliation board hearings in codetermination matters. Using our expertise, we help you avoid long and costly proceedings. One of our specialties in this regard is our effective process management. In the case of upcoming negotiations with unions and/or works councils, we provide you with a detailed schedule that defines each step and outlines necessary preparatory tasks. Thus, negotiations can run more smoothly, well-structured and tightly calculated.


It takes two to start dispute, many more to reach a settlement

In your daily dealings with works councils and unions compromise, a settlement is not a dirty word, rather an essential skill for business success. All parties involved need to cooperate and meet with each other frequently in order to develop a common interest in the growth of the company. Our longstanding experience, even in difficult situations, helps to create an environment in which cooperation, and not litigation, characterize the work environment. Of course we represent the employer´s interests, but we know that without creativity, flexibility and trust, that no fruitful cooperation can be achieved. We have a reputation for being pragmatic and steadfast – even among our opponents and judges.