Fee Transparency. Without hidden costs.

Do you anxiously await the bill from your law firm at the end of each month? How many hours were charged, what are the total costs? Not with us. We work with a modern net-based software that allows you to access the current status of each and every detail of our invoice through a protected link at any time during the month. Nasty surprises are a thing of the past – you have full insight into your legal costs at any time, and we can manage your budget in accordance with your needs.

Have you ever wondered why your law firm charges a lump sum of 3.4% or even 5% as so-called additional cost coverage to every invoice? We do away with these hidden costs. With us you pay the agreed rate plus real expenses – and not a cent more.


Many companies dread travel times of their lawyers, as these are charged at full rates. On the other hand, the additional involvement of a local counsel is often not an option, as it creates further costs and such lawyers do not know you and all the details of the case. We acknowledge that travel time is case-related and keeps a lawyer away from his office, but nowadays it is often possible to work with mobile devices on other matters. That’s why we only charge a part of our travel time, and you will be able to save costs while we travel on your behalf.


Law firms often talk about alternative fee models, but stick to their routine of hourly rates. We offer alternatives. We offer flat rates and lump sums for clients where we provide ongoing advice in employment law matters. We are open to discussing with you any model that meets your requirements.


High hourly rates, especially in international firms, are often not the result of greed, but sheer economic necessity. But why should you subsidize a large administration in expensive locations and numerous lawyers you never see or need? We work with modern technology that allows an easy communication with our clients and do not have fancy offices you hardly ever use. We cooperate with effective service providers and do not have a large administration department. You benefit from the advice of experienced partners – we do not need to produce chargeable hours for junior lawyers to finance their on-the-job training. We only practice labour and employment law, so we do not need to cross-sell our clients to other departments to keep them busy at your expense! In this way, we generate cost advantages that we share with our clients – through affordable rates and flexible fee models.