Porträtfoto Anne Kleemann - Rechtsanwaeltin für Arbeitsrecht

Anne Kleemann


Why did you study law?

The deciding factor was probably the father of a school friend who was a lawyer and told me so entertainingly about his experiences in court that I had the (naïve) idea that court was about as amusing as in “Café Meineid” (a Bavarian TV series from the 90s). Besides, I have always enjoyed formulating precisely and working analytically. From my point of view at the time (but also in retrospect), these were not the worst qualifications for studying law.


And how did you end up in labour law?

It turned out during my legal traineeship and especially during the preparation for my exams. During this time, you are confronted with a huge amount of information from the most diverse, more or less exciting areas of law, which you have to assimilate within a few months. You quickly realise in which area of law learning is easier or even fun – in my case it was labour law.


What fascinates you about being a lawyer?

The diversity – no two working days are the same. You are confronted with new legal issues every day, have to familiarise yourself with the most diverse constellations of cases and always keep an eye on the latest developments in case law and legislation. At the same time, especially when representing entrepreneurs, the focus is on actively structuring projects. This is both exciting and challenging. In any case, it never gets boring.


Where do you think there is room for improvement in (labour) law?

In the legislation. Many regulations in labour law date back to a time when work was still largely analogue and therefore only fit to a limited extent with current issues that arise in our digitalised world. It would be desirable if the legislator would improve this and provide the flexibility that is so important in practice.


Is there anything else besides law?

I spend nearly every free minute in the Alps – in summer mountaineering, in winter ski touring. Mostly in South Tyrol, so that the culinary delights are not lacking either.


What do you like about Munich?

Almost everything. Like so many people who were born in Munich, I’m always drawn back here. That’s mainly because my family and friends live here, but also because of the special Munich flair. For me, Munich is simply the perfect mix of big city and village. Where else can you go mountaineering during the day and go to the opera in the evening?

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